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The concept for the Collective came from an understanding of the challenges of Perth designers. They often work from home and on the road, and can feel isolated and out there on their own.

In a profession that is driven by inspiration, new products, technology, materials and textures, we decided to build a place just for designers. That place is the Collective.


It is free to belong to the Collective. All we ask is that we get to know you first to make sure you share our passions for the pursuit of beautiful interiors and new homes, and the products and materials that we use to create them.

We want the Collective community to have the freedom to gather, work, talk and learn together, in a central location, with amazing facilities. We believe that access to these resources will create some wonderful changes in the design community.


Built on the established heritage of European Ceramics, the Collective is all about giving designers technical product learning, information, support and resources about the materials they create with.

We are here to make your jobs easier and to share and extend understanding about what is new, available and the capabilities and limitations of the products we all love to design and build with.


We see the Collective becoming a hub of creative design energy, fuelled by the passion and energy of the people who work here. This venue will bring together interior and home designers, clients and suppliers in a place created specifically for these people.

If you’re a designer who can see the value of this vision, we look forward to welcoming you into this creative community. Please get in touch with us today.