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Interior use only

Bisazza Design Studio: “From modern geometric designs to classic motifs – the new decorative tiles from Bisazza set trends and break new ground in interior decor.”

India Mahdavi: “In order to distinctly avoid static designs, I intend to free up space, allowing for a kind of visual dialogue between the tiles. Each tile is like a component of a visual alphabet.”

Jaime Hayon: “The new tile collection takes its cue from the lively color palette of the Spanish countryside. A simple turn of the tiles and an entirely new panorama delights the eye.”

Paola Navone: “The cement tile collections are the product of a convergence between the creative minds at Bisazza and my colorful, eclectic and spontaneous way of thinking.”

Tom Dixon: “London – our home city – provides all the inspiration we need for this new collection of surfaces; the building blocks and the textures of this thousand-year-old city are imprinted in this designer’s mind.”