Available in

  • Cement Ivory

    Cement Ivory

  • Cement Light Grey

    Cement Light Grey

  • Cement Dark Grey

    Cement Dark Grey

  • Color White

    Color White

  • Color Black

    Color Black

  • Marble Statuario

    Marble Statuario

  • Marble Calacatta

    Marble Calacatta

  • Marble Calacatta Gold

    Marble Calacatta Gold

  • Marble White

    Marble White

  • Marble Grey

    Marble Grey

  • Marble Emperado

    Marble Emperado

  • Marble Marquinia

    Marble Marquinia

  • Marble Laurent

    Marble Laurent

  • Metal Russet

    Metal Russet

  • Metal Burnished

    Metal Burnished

  • Stone Gray

    Stone Gray

  • Stone Gris

    Stone Gris

  • Stone Ecru

    Stone Ecru

  • Stone Brown

    Stone Brown

  • Stone Black

    Stone Black

  • Stone Noir

    Stone Noir


  • Porcelain Slab


  • Concrete Look
  • Marble Look
  • Metal Look
  • Solid Look
  • Stone Look

Additional Content

Porcelain stoneware slabs in a single large format (163 x 324 cm) available in two thicknesses (6 & 12mm) and different finishes, bringing creative flexibility, high technical and aesthetic performance, to provide stylish solutions and endless possibilities.