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  • Scolpito


  • Roccia


  • Rigato


  • Gresso


  • Crespo



  • Porcelain/Rectified


  • Solid Look

Additional Content

1 THICKNESS, 6 SIZES, 1 COLOUR, 5 SURFACES. GRESSO - Gesso is an extended veneer that contrasts the more textured surfaces; a smooth pattern, at times finely textured. The appearance is that of marble polished by the force of the sea and wind, sometimes opaque, sometimes translucent. Or, it could be a plaster cast which has been carefully crafted by the expert hand of the artisan. RIGATO - A surface that appropriates the decorative and pictorial aspects of light. The tableau is lightly textured, like a bas-relief of lines that set the white in motion in a relentless game of chiaroscuro with ambient lighting. The infinite variations of gray and white are not only visual and tactile, but involve all five senses- allowing rhythmic and graphic compositions, creating architectural volume. CRESPO - Ruffled by thick folds as if an expanse of marina swirling with waves, or perhaps a slightly crumpled sheet of white paper. This defined low relief can be felt to the touch, and is revealed when light hits the tile, enhancing its movement. It is a covering that renders surfaces three-dimensional and that, when combined with softer textures such as Gesso or Roccia, generates unexpected expressive effects. SCOLPITO - A small chisel rapidly and lightly tapping away at a rock face, maybe a moonstone slab. The result is graphic, uniform and distinguished. And yet another element is added to the infinite palette of chiaroscuro surfaces. ROCCIA - A distinguished cast inspired by rock that has been cleanly cut. The tireless and constant creativity of nature, tamed by man, joined with architecture to highlight its beauty.