Available in

  • Griogio Cemento Piallato

    Griogio Cemento Piallato

  • Natural Spazzolato

    Natural Spazzolato

  • Sabbia Sabbiato Stondato

    Sabbia Sabbiato Stondato

  • Malto Spazzolato Oak

    Malto Spazzolato Oak

  • Sughero Antico Spazzolato

    Sughero Antico Spazzolato

  • Miele Scuro Piallato

    Miele Scuro Piallato

  • Argilla Piallato

    Argilla Piallato

  • Noce Piallato

    Noce Piallato

  • Noce Medio Piallato

    Noce Medio Piallato

  • Noce Scuro Piallato

    Noce Scuro Piallato

  • Natural Prelevigato

    Natural Prelevigato


  • Oak
  • Walnut

Additional Content

The main distinctive featre of IPF woodfloor is the high performance coating. The treatment has been developed by IPF technicians and it is applied by habd, board by board by IPF craftsmen, providing proven performance and reliability.


High Resistance

Formaldehyde Free

Easily maintained

Stain Resistant