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  • Naturale Aurelie

    Naturale Aurelie

  • Natrale Camelie

    Natrale Camelie

  • Naturale udrey

    Naturale udrey

  • Bianco Corrine

    Bianco Corrine

  • Bianco Isabelle

    Bianco Isabelle

  • Bianco Blanche

    Bianco Blanche

  • Grigio Michele

    Grigio Michele

  • Grigio Monique

    Grigio Monique

  • Grigio Grace

    Grigio Grace

  • Grigio Regine

    Grigio Regine

  • Grigio Coralise

    Grigio Coralise


  • Oak

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The main distinctive feature of IPF woodfloor is the high performance coating. The reatment has been developed by IPF technicians and it is applied by habd, board after board by IPF craftsmen, providing proven performance and reliabitlity.

Formaldehyde Free

Easy Maintenance

100% Natural oil finish