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SoHo is a modern modular kitchen with unique solutions designed to ensure a linear and sophisticated look. One of these is the projecting edge profile of the base and tall cabinets. The profile delineates a minimal frame created by projecting the end panels, bottom and countertop edges to frame the cabinet fronts..


Designed exclusively for SoHo, the profile frame cabinet front features a soft and only slightly raised edge, a discrete decoration framing the entire front. To heighten its modern and clean style, SoHo is completed by a groove handle system that creates the appearance of a kitchen without handles.



The industrial flavour of this collection continues with countertop trays designed to ensure that condiments, spices and everything else one needs in the kitchen are always close at hand. Custom designed in modular lengths, they consist of metal trays and countertop mounted supports.


SoHo’s bookshelf is perfect for fitting out a kitchen and living room as a unique environment because it separates functions without interrupting views. It features a modular structure in black metal and shelves in different finishes. It is available in a wall mounted or floor to ceiling model.