Available in

  • Lodge Brown L2

    Lodge Brown L2

  • Lodge Grove L2

    Lodge Grove L2

  • White Dover L2

    White Dover L2

  • Lodge Greige L2

    Lodge Greige L2

  • Oak Patinato Scuro L2

    Oak Patinato Scuro L2

  • Oak Patinato Chiaro L2

    Oak Patinato Chiaro L2

  • Cendre L2

    Cendre L2

  • Lime L2

    Lime L2

  • Grey Tenerife L2

    Grey Tenerife L2

  • Taupe Moher L2

    Taupe Moher L2

  • Beige Madeira L2

    Beige Madeira L2

  • Grise L2

    Grise L2

  • Ecru L2

    Ecru L2

  • Dore L2

    Dore L2

  • Gneiss L2

    Gneiss L2

  • Silver L2

    Silver L2

  • Doral L2

    Doral L2

  • Lodge Grey L2

    Lodge Grey L2


  • 20mm Porcelain Paver


  • Concrete Look
  • Stone Look
  • Wood Look

Additional Content

The characteristics of the product and the ease of installation, both with or without adhesive (dry installation on grass, gravel, or elevated floors), make the 20 mm thick porcelain tile by Lea Ceramiche the best solution for external flooring of public and residential areas, such as urban spaces, pavements, garden paths, car parks, terraces, swimming pool edges, bathing facilities, parks and much more. The best solution to match external and internal spaces.

Available in 3 sizes, 18 colours, 1 finish