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  • Corian®: advanced and high value material, resistant to scratches, hi-temperature and bacteria, Corian is available also for sinks and the drainers that can be integrated in the worktop.
  • Fenix®: innovative nano-tech material, with waterproof and anti-mold properties. A mat and smooth surface anti-fingerprint and micro scratch resistant.
  • Lacquered glasses: tempered glasses whose smooth and waterproof surface is really resistant. Two available versions: glossy with reflected effects or mat with a velvet effect.
  • Laminates: wooden effect panels with a wide range of oak and elm finishes. The laminates panels are healthy, long-lasting and are the perfect choice for all those who would like to combine resistance and natural texture
  • Natural wood: natural wooden surfaces to highlight the beauty of bonds and grain.
  • Stratificato: wear resistant and steam resistant, easy to clean and long-lasting. Available in matt finish or stone-finish.

New modules are available, 75cm wide and 204cm high